I'm Kai. I'm a shitty human being. Hi.

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I don't even fucking watch manga
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WHITEWOLF.  — a playlist for snow white and bigby wolf from the wolf among us.
               Hope you understand the way that things are gonna be.”

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Another piece I did for an assignment last semester which also goes with the pattern I just posted. I’ve been trying to feel more comfortable with photoshop without incorporating traditional media into it. I’m not giving up on painting, but I do want to find a quicker way to meet deadlines and be a little more flexible.

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here take this gross thing

i LOVE the blutsauger, i feel a lot more confident about going to attack than i ever did with the default syringe gun. plus i feel that i can take better care of my heavy by picking off those grody spies~

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I may have gone a little too far.

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Perhaps it’s better this way…

1. Pepper Steak (All Levels At Once Remix) All Levels At Once 2. Pure Imagination Maroon 5 3. Afraid of the Darko Homestuck 4. 40’ Franz Ferdinand 5. Paradise Circus Massive Attack 6. My Boy Builds Coffins Florence + the Machine 7. Black Rose / Green Sun Homestuck 8. Dance Little Liar Arctic Monkeys 9. Intro The Xx 10. Bones MS MR 11. At the Price of Oblivion Homestuck


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Because zacharies-sexface kept putting this song up which ended up getting stuck in my head, and well…this is the outcome..

I’m totally not sorry.

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by 不健康
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Use as you wish, nothing required though I would be happy if you left a like or a reblog~

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ive been really excited about touhou lately cause of the new game and all. so i did what any rational excited person would do and drew every (windows) touhou character

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