I'm Kai. I hate this website. Hi.
Why am I still here?
No seriously why

Because my therapist was a stupid fucking little shit I only now finally got something that’s supposed to help me with my fucking insomnia.

Thank you internet, I cannot believe that for once you helped me more. But on the other hand my therapist was a stupid fucking little shit so eh


so people will only find out theyre sweet when you peel off their skin and eat their insides

am i getting this right??




hey, just an fyi, the creator of five nights at freddy’s is extremely anti choice and even made a pro life video game called The Desolate Hope that’s also on steam.

if you want to play five nights, please torrent it. don’t give him any money.

Links to prove it 


(Look in the comments)


(The synopsis) 

Did you fuckers not….not even read the comments that you’re saying prove it?

Concerning the dedication at the end of the game reading “This game is dedicated to the children who never saw childhood.”, I would encourage everyone to read it to be exactly what it says and nothing more. That statement isn’t a political view on abortion.

The rest of the comment, from the author, is him also saying that he removed that dedication because people were interpreting it as that, and not as his actual message. He claimed it to be more about choice, namely that “is a test tube baby really worth saving, or is a baby only “real” if it’s born in a womb”.

But hey, nothing screams Tumblr more than frantically telling everyone to stop buying the hip new thing (some people are suggesting torrenting it, which is…wat).

This one’s even more baffling because you are providing the evidence that has the author debunking it. So either the author is lying and didn’t want to stand by what he believes is moral (why), or the author really intended a different message and backed off when he got feedback that showed people weren’t seeing the message he’d intended.


whatever you do don’t look at it

When my rp partner makes a mistake and doesn’t correct it and I have to sit there, trying to figure out what the fuck they even mean


cant believe how much i like this kid already


a’right this is for smokinbootay because shes awesome °u°
..im sorry im a lazy piece of shit


Looking forward to some Fetch DLC.. but until then: ugh, my heart.  


Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you’re at your worst.


"Dammit I am so proud of you.. Always have been. I love you bro."




my kitten says hello

"I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be."
-Charles Dickens, Great Expectations (via quotes-shape-us)