I'm Kai. I hate this website. Hi.
Why am I still here?
No seriously why
the ways Rin looks at Haruka in episode 12.



Pabu, the Acrobatic Cat

Pabu: Jump!  Jump!  Double-jump!

you can dance if you want to

you can leave your friends behind


I took a break from my life for this

mousemonth going strong and I am happy


there is something so incomprehensibly flattering about getting asks about your OCs. Like— someone, somewhere, somehow was so interested in this person you made up that they took a whole minute out of their day to inquire about some random, mundane aspect of their life and that’s beautiful to me


 by 裕悠

Title: The Bomb

Artist: Pigeon John

Played: 3723 times


Self-indulgent doodles based on the drama cd. Okay, so Makoto didn’t exactly smother him in his jacket, but I’m free to interpret those yaoi sounds however I want. -laugh-

By : ムシコ


it’s mattiiinnnnnnn

just smth i did for fun in between classes at school;;; so sry if its full of mistakes HEH….. mouths are so fun to paint but idk what im doin


Les not so Misérables for once


because seriously, I am so done.

The friends system on deviantart is literally the worst